The difference between a home elevator and a villa elevator.

Villa lift according to the national standard should be 320KG or more than 320KG for the application and villa installation, the top height can adapt to the general villa installation of the elevator. The elevator of 320KG or above must be inspected and accepted by the national quality and technical supervision department after the installation is completed, and the certificate is issued.

The lift should be between 200 and 280KG. It is not necessary for the national quality supervision department to carry out the installation and inspection of the domestic elevator within 300KG (the products that do not cause mass harm can be checked by the relevant departments of the state).

In addition, as the home lift is generally 2-3 floors, and the villa elevator may be more than 3 floors, it is necessary to choose and differentiate according to the project or family.

At present, the domestic existing villa elevator to the user, also has the home elevator to provide to the user. The products commonly referred to as the home lift are within 300KG.

The choice of villa elevator should be noted as follows:

1. Advanced technology;

2. The load is over 320KG;

3. Car decoration suitable for building;

4. Humanized products;

5. Very safe products;

6. The control system can adopt IC card or fingerprint identification method;

7. Noise not exceeding 52 db;

8. Power-saving mainframe;

9. The area of the well is small and the soil is simple and convenient;

10. Meeting the latest national standards.
Key points for home lift:
1. It must be humanized (the cage can enter the wheelchair);

2. Conforming to architectural features;

3. Simple civil construction;

4. The car upholstery furniture, beautiful and generous;

5. It is better to use the form of sightseeing indoors than the ordinary car;

6. Due to the fact that the household elevators do not need to be inspected by relevant departments, pay attention to the quality assurance and safety guarantee;

7. Choose the home elevator to consider some individuation, which can highlight the family personality.

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