Features of elevator products.

The lifting freight elevator can carry large weight, realize multi-point control, and interlock the upper and lower floors to achieve safe use; The height is high, and the side oil cylinder, or two-side oil cylinder, is stable, noiseless, convenient for maintenance and long service life. Power failure manual drop, emergency stop button, convenient, quick, practical.
Is mainly used in the factory, construction site, hotel, airport, station, wharf, stadiums and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance of tall buildings and clean sanitation, field electric power facilities, elevated pipe, lifting machinery maintenance, etc.


Product features:
1. Strong adaptability. Can be installed in the harsh environment and general explosion-proof sites.
2. Wide application range. It is suitable for the transport of high – storey goods in most industries.
3. Flexible configuration. According to the different installation environment and usage requirements, flexible configuration of the platform size and import and export orientation.
4. Better economy. Less purchase price and maintenance cost, no need to establish special machine room, save construction budget, fully guarantee the operation safety.
5. Safe and reliable. The hydraulic system is easy to set overload protection and prevent the pipe from falling. Control buttons can be set up on each floor to achieve multi-point control.
6. Low power consumption. When the hydraulic elevator is down, the motor does not need to start, and the pressure driven platform is reduced by gravity, which can save energy greatly.
7. According to the customer’s requirements of the load size and the site installation environment, it is designed for the customers to design a single – rail single cylinder, double – rail single cylinder, double – track and double cylinder type three different specifications of lift; This can save money for customers better.


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Post time: Mar-19-2018
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