Elevator problem situation and processing

General elevator failure is not very dangerous. Because the door is forcibly opened or the safety window is opened, it is normal that the safety circuit is disconnected and the elevator stops. However, if the safety switch does not work, the door does not stop, and the elevator is accidentally started. It is inconvenient. It is likely to fall, cut, or squeeze. If you climb up from the security window to the car top, and you are not familiar with the car top facilities in the dark well, you may be tripped over by the car top cable. It may fall from the car top, and may fall off the elevator’s outer wall. The elevator is trapped.

In addition to taking the above methods of seeking help, the safest and most effective way is to maintain calmness, maintain strength, stay in place, and wait for outside professionals to rescue. When an elevator accident occurs, emergency rescue measures should be taken. When the on-duty personnel received the rescue call from the elevator, trapped persons were first to communicate with the trapped person.

Specially remind them that they are being rescued outside. Do not be alarmed. Do not force the door or climb out of the security window. It is best to stay in the place to avoid more serious accidents. Whether it is safe to rescue the trapped people successfully or not, and whether the passengers in the elevator can cooperate with rescue workers, this step seems simple, but it occupies a prominent position in the rescue process. Emergency rescue should be implemented or directed by experienced professionals.

In general, the on-duty personnel immediately contacted the professionals after receiving the rescue call and must not handle it themselves. At present, non-professionals’ measures to save people are the least recommended, because the general condition of people trapped in the car is not dangerous. According to previous reports, most of the incidents in the newspapers and newspapers were caused by excessive panic of trapped persons or blind rescue by non-professionals. of. There may be danger when you are croaking.

At the same time, the door was smashed. After the passengers were rescued, the hall door was generally deformed and the doors needed to be changed again. This would increase the unnecessary extra expenses. Enter the room immediately cut off the main power. Manual emergency operation when installing t must be in accordance with the operating specifications, rather slow and not fast

Must not be forced to pull hard, blindly rescue only for the rescue, causing many damage to the elevator man-made. Only the elevators are generally faulty, and these methods are undesirable due to the extensive rescue of the entire elevator due to improper rescue methods or other unnecessary dangers during the rescue. The purpose of the rescue is to protect the personal safety of the passengers and to minimize the loss of elevators.


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Post time: Apr-26-2018
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