About Us


NINGBO BLUETECH, a professional customized elevator solution supplier, has more than 15 years experience in elevator industry. We are focusing on develop, design, install and maintenance all kinds of elevators, as well as relevant components. 

Our products cover home elevator, passenger elevator, panorama elevator, car elevator, bed elevator, dumbwaiter, also lifting platform. Capacity will be from 100kg to 8000kg, speed from 0.25m/s to 6.0m/s. All the products are design and manufacture under latest EN81 ” Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Electrical Lifts".

Why choose us?

High technology-We apply advanced technologies into our products, such as intelligent door operator technology, PM gear less traction technology and energy feedback technology etc.

Design power-We can make special design for special case, like small shaft size, pit less shaft and low overhead conditions.

Competitive price-We control each components cost well, and that make elevator a good price.

Short delivery-With perfect order processing, we can make delivery in 20 days for complete elevator, this can help customers meet some urgent projects requirement.

Quick response-We are 24 hours online service, and once receive feedback from customers, we will action immediately.

We are proud to say we have served customers from more than 20 countries, like Thailand, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Germany, Nigeria etc. And at meantime, we are winning more and more customers allover the world..

Enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height.

NINGBO BLUETECH, making you further.

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